HackDay 2.0

Last November 2020, our Software, Product, and Data Science teams had a Hack Day (aka hackathon) with amazing results. This event was not easy to pull off especially with everyone working from home. In this post, we will go over the planning, setup, execution, and results to provide a glimpse into how our culture of … More HackDay 2.0

Simplifying Developer Tooling with “Micro UIs”

Microservice architecture has become ubiquitous for many software engineering teams. This approach to building software promotes maintainability and interoperability of the many different components it takes to produce a product. At WHOOP we apply the same microservice principles when building the user interfaces for our internal developer tools, opting for small-footprint, individual UIs built on … More Simplifying Developer Tooling with “Micro UIs”

My Time at WHOOP

My name is Jack Rosen, and I just finished an 8-month co-op as an iOS developer. Although that was my official title, I was given opportunities to do so much more than just write code for the iOS app. Throughout my time, I was able to work on the iOS app, in backend services, and … More My Time at WHOOP